Preparing your cart for Christmas

A interesting post from Palmer Web Marketing.

I really like idea 1 (emphasis mine):

Offer Bounce Back Discounts: Think about how much traffic your site will receive during the holidays. How can you harness that traffic to create year long business? Consider offering a good discount incentive for customers to come back and shop in January. You can automatically email them a coupon after each order, or send one along with the package. Make sure that this coupon is not valid until after the holidays.

Idea 7 is a great trust-builder:

Prominent “No Hassle” Return Policy: our return policy should be easy to find. Consider re-packaging it as a ”no hassle” policy in order to calm the fears of first time buyers.

And idea 25 … well, That Software Guy is all about upsells disguised as discounts. 🙂

Bundle Products: Gift selection is much easier when related items are grouped together in some sort of gift basket or bundle.