LOL Shipping

It’s always hard to know the best way to price your e-commerce shipping. Should you exactly match the rate given by the shipping vendor? Add on a small margin? Use it as a profit center so you can show lower in-cart prices?

One thing is for sure, though: you should *not* offer as your only shipping option a $169 “white glove” delivery service the way Pier One does.

Shipworks and Zen Cart 1.5.5

You’ll need to make a change to


to get ShipWorks working in Zen Cart 1.5.5.  Remove their copy of the function


and replace it with

function validatePassword($plain, $encrypted)


  $zcPassword = zcPassword::getInstance(PHP_VERSION);

  return $zcPassword->validatePassword($plain, $encrypted);

 This issue has been reported to ShipWorks.