Craft it like 37 Signals

Harvard Business Review recently did a really interesting article about 37 Signals. Apparently their secret sauce is recognizing that less is more:

“When you’re competing against companies that have so much more, the only answer is to do less,” Jason and David told me. “Do less than your competitors to beat them. Instead of one-upping other companies, one-down them. Instead of out-doing other products, under-do them.”

If Pareto’s law applies to your business (hint: it does) then you should absolutely be asking yourself questions like:

  • Does it really make sense for me to be vertically integrated? Or should I just pass on that other business?
  • Is any aspect of my product offering overengineered?
  • If I re-released a feature-dieted version of my product, would most people complain or be delighted?

ContentLink – the most annoying service ever?

If you’re looking at ways to monetize your site, for heaven’s sakes don’t use ContentLink. That’s the one that puts the double underline under keywords in your text.


As you move your mouse across the page, these hideous popups come out of nowhere to occlude your ability to read the content. Yuck! Guaranteed to annoy your visitors. Use something less intrusive.

(Aside: Ad Blocker Plus in Firefox works like a charm to block things like this.)