Abandonment rate

There’s no substitute for hard data. MarketingSherpa found that actual abandonment rates were two to three times as high as e-commerce marketers thought they were. They offer some heuristics for getting to the bottom of the problem, but they don’t discuss my favorite remedy – order total transparency. Got discounts? Show ’em. Got a shipping charge? Show it as soon as possible. Extra charges? Don’t keep it a secret until payment time; let them know up front.

The Cart Blog – inaugural post

I have wanted to start a cart blog for some time, but of course, the question was, what to call it? CartTalk? CartSeeker? The CARTerphone? A la cart? Cart blanche? Finally I settled on the most unimaginative name of all. What a surprise. 🙂

Let’s see where it goes …. I hope you enjoy it, and it benefits your business and your bottom line.

All the Best,

Scott Wilson