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Who can I hire to upgrade my Zen Cart?

Scott Wilson
2018-12-09 18:11

Can I upgrade your Zen Cart?  Yes I can!  Here's the process for upgrading your Zen Cart to the most current version.

I offer two upgrade packages: the basic upgrade, which would get your cart upgraded, and the basic upgrade plus package, which includes an additional 10 hours of support after the upgrade to be sure you are kept up to date going forward, priced at $100 off my normal rates.

In terms of using your support hours, you can use them any way you like. Some clients like me to "walk them through" a procedure they will need to do repeatedly; others like me to just take care of everything. We can work whatever way is most satisfactory for you.

Here's how the upgrade process works:

a) I download your files and database. 
b) I upgrade your site in my local test environment. No impact to your live store or customers.
c) I deploy a "test" copy of your updated site. No impact to your live store or customers.
d) You verify the test copy and make sure it works as expected. Still no impact; you can continue processing live orders.

The test database you will use with the test copy of the store will be a week or two out of date, but it will do for testing.

e) Once your verification is done, I take the test site live using your current live database, so there's no loss of orders, customers, etc. There is downtime at that point, but it's generally under 2 hours and often under 30 minutes. I schedule this with you based on your store's quiet periods.

To buy upgrade plus, click here:

To buy the basic upgrade, click here:

Once you have paid, I need your ftp and Zen Cart admin credentials, and Zen Cart admin URL, and your CPanel URL and credentials.

To send credentials, go to, and enter the following information:

Zen Cart Admin URL:
Zen Cart Admin userid:
Zen Cart Admin password:

FTP Hostname:
FTP Userid:
FTP Password:
(If SFTP is used, please note port number or any other relevant details)

CPanel URL:
CPanel Userid:
CPanel Password:

Then press the "Create Note" button and send me the URL.

More details on upgrading are provided here:

Details on support are provided here:

Looking forward to helping you with your site!