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2010 January to June

Better Together for osCommerce 3.0 Update

(06/2010) Better Together for osCommerce 3.0 version 3.0.2 was just released, with a fix to a category handling bug. Affects osC 3.0 only; no changes to osc 2.2.

Case Discounts and Tiered Discounts now available in Table Discounts for Zen Cart

(06/2010) Table Discounts for Zen Cart version 1.1 now has the ability to offer tiered discounts (such as one price for the first 20 items, another for the next 30, and so forth) as well as case discounts (such as one price for groups of 6 or 12 items).

Sale Ending/Special Ending for Zen Cart

(06/2010) Zen Cart Sale Ending/Special Ending shows the dates when your sales and specials expire, which creates a sense of urgency in the customer.
And if you like showing the Sale Ending/Special Ending text on the product info page, you can also show it on your listing pages; this extension is only $19.95.

Cross Selling with Better Together for Zen Cart

(05/2010) Zen Cart Better Together now has the ability to do undiscounted cross sells. Your cross sell selections appear in a centerbox on the product info page (and on your Shopping Cart and Checkout Shipping pages if you use Checkout Candy for Zen Cart).

Updates to Beanstream Interac® for Zen Cart

(04/2010) Interac® for Zen Cart has been updated to resolve the "No Data" problem some customers were experiencing.

Table Discounts for Zen Cart

(04/2010) Table Discounts allows you to create multiple quantity discount schedules for your Zen Cart, grouping by category at any level, product id or manufacturer. Take a look at Table Discounts for Zen Cart.

Changing your Zen Cart Admin Name

(04/2010) If you *still* haven't made this important change, here are step by step instructions for Renaming your Zen Cart Admin.

Re-Calculate Tax = VAT

(04/2010) Yet another tax handling option for tax included Zen Cart stores is now available for Quantity Discounts and Better Together. It will be rolled out to my other discounting mods as requested.

Zen Cart, LinkPoint and Gift Certificates

(03/2010) Are you using LinkPoint and selling Gift Certificates in your Zen Cart? Then you need my latest patch to the Zen Cart LinkPoint Payment Module.

Automatic Add to Cart for Zen Cart

(03/2010) For a long time, people have been asking me to create a tool that will automatically add items to the cart when other items are added. I finally did it - here is Auto Add for Zen Cart.

Climbing to the top of Google

(02/2010) Wouldn't you like to be at the top of the Google results page when your keywords are searched? Of course you would! But there's no easy way to make this happen. Here are some things you can do to increase traffic to your Zen Cart.

Frequency Discounts

(01/2010) Would you like to offer discounts to your customers based on their purchases in the last 30 days, 3 months, or some other time interval? Zen Cart Frequency Discounts makes this possible.