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2012 January to June

Zen Cart and osCommerce - Package Discounts using Big Chooser

(06/2012) Zen Cart Big Chooser and osCommerce Big Chooser both now offer the ability to discount a group of items on a percentage basis, so you can create a "package discount," such as "Buy items A, B and C, save 25% on the group."

Zen Cart - MailChimp Integration Updated

(05/2012) Those crazy chimps are hard workers! Their API has been updated to version 1.3, so my Zen Cart MailChimp Integration and Zen Cart Newsletter Discount modules have been updated. Please use the new versions of the contributions for any future installations you are doing.

Zen Cart - Free and Discounted Shipping now in Big Chooser

(05/2012) Last year I added this feature to Big Spender - free or discounted shipping after orders reached certain dollar thresholds. Now it's in Zen Cart Big Chooser. So shopowners have a mechanism to offer free or discounted shipping on orders which contain certain products, categories or manufacturers.

Fixes to Save for Later for products with attributes

(04/2012) Ajeh noticed that some attribute combinations were not well handled by Save for Later, so I submitted fixes to resolve this problem. Please update to Save for Later 1.3 if you are using Save for Later in your cart.

Fixes to Sales Report for my Zen Cart Discounting mods

(04/2012) All my discounting mods and the Zen Cart Sales Report mod have an interoperability issue described in this blog post.

Updates to Checkout Candy for Better Together

(04/2012) The Buy Now button on Checkout Candy now works on Cross Sells. And Cross Sells are now checked against the cart to ensure that no already purchased items are displayed.

Updates for Zen Cart 1.5.0

(03/2012) The following extensions to Better Together and Combination Discounts have been updated for Zen Cart 1.5.0: See Better Together World and Combination Discounts World for a complete listing of all components for both discounting modules.

Zen Cart Combination Discounts - Add All to Cart

(03/2012) Combination Discounts now has a single button add for all items in a discount from the Promotional Page. It's called Add All to Cart. This extension is a new addition to the Combination Discounts World.

Zen Cart 1.5.0 Tricks and Tips

(03/2012) If you're using Zen Cart 1.5.0 on some test carts on your own PC or in an environment that doesn't require PCI compliance, take a look at my tips and tricks page for some commonly requested tweaks, including increasing the admin page timeout and turning off (or reducing the frequency of) mandatory password changes.

VAT tax recalculation method added to Big Chooser, Big Spender

(02/2012) Zen Cart Big Chooser and Zen Cart Big Spender have now been updated to do "VAT" style recalculation, which is preferred by some vendors who use embedded taxes in their product prices.

Using Big Chooser to Filter on Attributes for Discounting

(01/2012) Zen Cart Big Chooser has been enhanced to allow you to discount on the basis of attribute settings. See the set_constraint_attrfilter and set_discount_attrfilter functions.

Advanced Discount Configuration

(01/2012) I wrote an article that demonstrates some ways you can configure my discounting modules by using PHP in the setup() function. A few interesting examples are contained for people who'd like to do Advanced Configuration of That Software Guy's Zen Cart Discount Modules.