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2013 January to June

Better Together with One to Many support

Posted June, 2013

Zen Cart Better Together has been enhanced to allow you to discount more than one item when a particular item is purchased. It's called the One to Many feature, and it's new in Better Together 2.5.


Posted June, 2013

Perfmon allows you to track down tough Zen Cart performance problems.

Impulse Buy

Posted June, 2013

Impulse Buy has been updated to handle the changes to array_rand() in PHP 5.2.10 and above. This affects users of the randomize() and add_impulse_items_from_cat() functions.

Save for Later in the Product Info page

Posted May, 2013

Save for Later now supports saving for later from the product info page.

Final Release - Free Gift Chooser Mega Module

Posted May, 2013

The Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser Mega Module gives you the most important parts of the Big Chooser discounting module, along with a built-in admin panel. It is now ready for general release!

Manufacturer Discount Promotional Page

Posted May, 2013

Zen Cart Manufacturer Discount now has a promotional page. It's a free download for people who have bought Manufacturer Discount! Not sure what a promotional page is or how to use it? Take a look at my documentation on Zen Cart Promotional Pages.

Beta Release - Free Gift Chooser Mega Module

Posted April, 2013

The Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser Mega Module discounting module gives you the most important parts of Big Chooser with a built-in admin panel. It's ready as a prerelease now and will be complete by the end of the month.

Live Demos of Admin Page Mods

Posted April, 2013

On my Admin Demo Shop (link no longer working) site, you can login (userid: test / password: test) and test the following admin mods:

Better Together Admin for osCommerce 2.2 and 2.3

Posted April, 2013

At long last, I have ported Better Together Admin for osCommerce from the Zen Cart version of the mod.

Recalculating Tax in Zen Cart when different taxes apply to shipping than to products

Posted April, 2013

British Columbia, Canada has a tax regime under which shipping attracts only federal sales tax, whereas products attract federal and provincial sales taxes. Yikes. Who thinks this stuff up?

Anyway, if this applies to you, and you're using my discounting mods, you will need to make some changes. I have documented Handling Zen Cart tax recalculation when shipping and product taxes differ . The changes for osCommerce should be the same as well.

Discount Preview

Posted April, 2013

I just love seeing people use Zen Cart Discount Preview! Take a look at these screenshots of people using Discount Preview to show off their Zen Cart Discounts.

Case Discounts

Posted April, 2013

Zen Cart Case Discounts is a new module which permits you to set a per product case size and associated discount. It's like tiered pricing in Zen Cart Table Discounts, with an admin panel.

Manufacturer Discount

Posted April, 2013

Zen Cart Manufacturer Discount now supports the user exits exclude_category() and exclude_product(), making it easy for you to have a manufacturer discounting policy, but also have specific exclusions.

Creating Kit Discounts using Big Chooser

Posted April, 2013

Here are a couple of examples of how to Build Kit Discounts using Zen Cart Big Chooser.

osCommerce 2.3.x and PayPal

Posted March, 2013

It looks as though PayPal (Website Payments Standard) can now handle osCommerce 2.3.x style discounting modules, although it does so in a very odd way. You can see osCommerce Big Chooser for an example.

PayPal Express still seems to have a problem.

Configuring Big Spender/Big Chooser from Admin

Posted March, 2013

I'm always looking for ways to improve my list of Advanced Configuration techniques for That Software Guy's Zen Cart Discount Modules.

Here's how I set up Zen Cart Big Spender to be configured from an admin setting.

BOGO module update

Posted March, 2013

A bug was found in BOGO Discount for Zen Cart, which will affect configurations using Discount Basis other than "No Restriction."

Big Buy Now - a buy now button for Big Spender and Big Chooser

Posted March, 2013

The marketing text for Zen Cart Big Spender and Zen Cart Big Chooser can be shown on the Product Info page of your Zen Cart; it may also be shown on the Shopping Cart (and Checkout Shipping) page by Big Upsell. And using the new set_support_prod() method of these discounting modules, a direct link to a product can be provided. (This was possible before set_support_prod of course; it just required more coding.)

But if we have a link to a product, and the product does not have attributes, why not add a buy now button? Big Buy Now allows you to do just that! It displays a Buy Now button next to any set_support_prod link, as long as the product does not have attributes and may be added from a listing page.

Read more about

Cross Selling with a Zen Cart

Posted March, 2013

Are you aware of all the Cross Selling options for Zen Cart? I have now listed all of the cross selling methods that can be used with my mods in one place. Hope it helps!

Automatically adding items to a Zen Cart

Posted February, 2013

Most of my mods don't update the cart contents - there are only two exceptions. Auto Add, which has the ability to add an item when another item is added using the product info page. It is sometimes used for free items or items discounted using one of my other Zen Cart discounting mods.

Recently a customer asked if he could do a one-time-only auto add for a product which was commonly paired with another product, so I updated the API to permit this behavior.

(Can you guess the other exception? It's Coupon Auto Add!)

Coupon Restrictions in Zen Cart

Posted February, 2013

Zen Cart already has a mechanism to restrict coupons to certain specific items. But what if you want more complex conditions - for example, two specific items (A and B) must be in the cart? The coupon is only applicable to a certain group?

Zen Cart Coupon Restrictions - Big Chooser Style allows you to add Zen Cart Big Chooser style restrictions to specific coupons. Take a look at the examples of restricting Zen Cart Coupons for some ideas of how you can use it to create more targeted coupons for your business.

Checkbox Cross Sell for Zen Cart

Posted January, 2013

Zen Cart Checkbox Cross Sell allows your customers to add additional items (cross sells) to their cart when buying another item. It uses the configuration from Better Together to make suggestions from a list of items without attributes. It's a great way to increase the value of each customer order.

Checkbox Cross Sell is the latest addition to the Better Together World for Zen Cart.