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2015 January to June

Free Gift Chooser for Zen Cart Updates

Posted June, 2015

Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser now allows you to view information about your linkages, such as when they were created, last activated and last inactivated. This can be helpful for shopowners who reuse discounts in rotation, and want to review information about them.

Finding missing downloads in Zen Cart

Posted May, 2015

The Zen Cart Downloads Manager shows you files which were specified in the attributes controller but are missing from your downloads folder, but it doesn't show you when files were entered incorrectly with blank filenames. I have instructions on how to audit your database for this issue in this blog post.

Updated Demo Sites

Posted May, 2015

I am updating my demo sites to use the Responsive Sheffield Blue template. Here are the demo stores:

Zen Cart Coupon Report

Posted April, 2015

Need to figure out which coupons are most heavily used in particular time periods? Take a look at Zen Cart Coupon Report.

Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser Updates

Posted April, 2015

You can set the final price for a package of items, permitting choices in the contents of the package with Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser.


Posted March, 2015

Seven years ago, while visiting my old hometown of Ottawa, Canada, I paid a visit to the headquarters of Shopify, a new eCommerce startup, and interviewed Tobias Lutke, the founder of Shopify.

Well at long last, I have finally started to work with Shopify. It will be interesting to see what happens, and as always, I will keep you posted right here!

Zen Cart Coupon Single User

Posted March, 2015

Want to restrict a coupon to one single customer? This is what Zen Cart Coupon Single User does, but without any custom programming; just begin the coupon code with the user's email address.

The Streak Continues

Posted February, 2015

In October 2006, I released Discount Preview for Zen Cart. Since that month, I have released software for Zen Cart or osCommerce every single month. This is my 101st month of continuous delivery. And I can't wait to show you what I have cooking next!

Thank you for your support and patronage.

OpenCart Better Together

Posted February, 2015

OpenCart Better Together has been updated for OpenCart 2.0.

Zen Cart Extended Family

Posted February, 2015

If you want to be able to easily show related items on the product info page, and allow people to buy them with a single click (as long as they don't have attributes), take a look at Zen Cart Extended Family.

It's like Zen Cart Checkbox Cross Sell, but instead of using the Better Together configuration, it uses its own configuration, which is easily created using its own built-in admin page.

Zen Cart Save for Later

Posted January, 2015

Zen Cart Save for Later has just been updated to correct instructions for adding a "Save for Later" button on the product info page. This is an optional change which many users asked for, so I added it in version 4.1, but I got a report this month of some configurations where it didn't work; this has been fixed.

Updates for Zen Cart 1.5.4

Posted January, 2015

The following mods have been updated for Zen Cart 1.5.4:
In addition, the following mods were updated for 1.5.3 (and thus 1.5.4) - they were missed when I did the big 1.5.3 update in July of last year.

Zen Cart Auto Add Plus Better Together

Posted January, 2015

The base Auto Add for Zen Cart has been expanded to Auto Add plus Better Together. Now you can do automatic adds of your prod_to_prod, cat_to_prod, twoforone_prod and twoforone_cat discounts from Better Together.

Date Based Products

Posted January, 2015

Some products require a date attribute, but Zen Cart natively does not support this. I can add this for you on a custom basis. See my Date based Products for Zen Cart page for an example.