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2016 January to June

Zen Cart Find Duplicate Models

Posted June, 2016

Zen Cart Find Duplicate Models has had an update to tighten up the code. If you are not familiar with this mod, it is an admin report which allows you to verify that your model numbers (stored in the products_model field of the products table) are unique. This is important for some accounting packages.

Zen Cart Order Origin

Posted May, 2016

Zen Cart Order Origin allows you to see what portion of your orders come from mobile devices such as phones and tablets, versus desktop computers.

Zen Cart Discount Preview

Posted April, 2016

Zen Cart Discount Preview has been updated for Zen Cart 1.5.5 and the new responsive template.

Zen Cart XSS Fixes

Posted April, 2016

The Zen Cart core team has released a series of fixes which can help you prevent having your site compromised. These are worthwhile, important fixes that you should install immediately if you have not yet done so. More importantly though, you should plan as a matter of course to do upgrades of your Zen Cart software as new versions come out. Nope, not kidding. It's part of your responsibility as a site owner - you HAVE to stay up to date.

The XSS fixes are provided here.

If you are running the Edit Orders 4.x mod, you can use my patch for Edit Orders. A permanent fix is also being developed (circa April 2016) by Wilt of the Zen Cart team.
The Trustwave patches have been updated to interoperate correctly with Edit Orders.

Zen Cart 1.5.x and Edit Orders 4.x

Posted March, 2016

Interoperability Fixes have been posted for Edit Orders 4.x and some of my mods:

Zen Cart Product Bought

Posted March, 2016

Zen Cart Product Bought allows you to check to see if a logged in customer has purchased a specific product in the past. It's perfect for cross selling and upselling messages on the product info page or in the shopping cart. You can even check to see if a product has been bought within a particular time period, such as in the last 90 days.

Zen Cart YouTube Gallery

Posted February, 2016

Zen Cart YouTube Gallery allows you to create a page showing all your YouTube videos inside your Zen Cart.

Zen Cart Favorites Video

Posted February, 2016

Zen Cart Favorites now has a video that shows how your customers can use it to bookmark their favorite products in your store.

Zen Cart Order Copy video

Posted January, 2016

Zen Cart Order Copy now has a video that shows how it can be used to facilitate repeat orders.

New Features in Discount Chooser for Zen Cart

Posted January, 2016

Zen Cart Discount Chooser is a discounting module (buy some items, get some other items at a discount) with a built-in admin panel. I just added the ability to edit discounts, and set the "deal id" feature on discounts to link them together (so only one will be applied).