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2018 January to June

Structured Data in Zen Cart

Posted June, 2018

What is structured data? Should I add it to my Zen Cart site? Take a look at Zen Cart Structured Data to learn more.

Zen Cart Show Customer Local Time

Posted June, 2018

If your business requires you to call customers, wouldn't it be nice to know the time where they are, so you can determine if you're calling too early or too late? Take a look at my Show Customer Time contribution.


Posted May, 2018

Here's my updated privacy policy, my terms of service, and my GDPR statement.

From Zen Cart to Salesforce

Posted May, 2018

Do you want to import your Zen Cart customer data into Salesforce? I can help! Take a look at my Zen Cart to Salesforce Import Tools. I am importing Zen Cart Customers to Salesforce, Zen Cart Products to Salesforce, and Zen Cart Products Prices to Salesforce.

Zen Cart Find Duplicate Models updates

Posted May, 2018

I updated Find Duplicate Models to separate out reporting of blank and duplicate model numbers.

Order Message for Zen Cart

Posted May, 2018

Order Message allows you to add a message to the order confirmation email your customers get when they place an order.

Zen Cart Configuration Settings eBook

Posted April, 2018

I created an eBook that shows all the Configuration settings in Zen Cart in one, searchable place. It's only $5! Buy it!
  • Covers all 26 native Zen Cart configuration groups.
  • Over 50 pages long.
  • Preview available.

WordPress Product Display for BigCommerce

Posted April, 2018

Product Display for BigCommerce was just released.

Quote Payment Module for ZenCart

Posted April, 2018

The ZenCart Quote Payment Module is a clone of the check/money order module, which is provided to allow customers in a store to check out with a no obligation quote.

Changed Files for ZenCart

Posted March, 2018

The ZenCart Changed Files report allows you to easily determine which files have changed most recently in your installation. This can be useful for tracking down problems.

Edit Orders for ZenCart and Discounting Modules

Posted February, 2018

If you are using Better Together (or any of my other discounting modules), along with Edit Orders of a recent vintage (such as 4.3.2), and you use Re-Calculate Tax = Standard, please take a look at this blog post, which gives some guidance on ensuring your order still adds up correctly after an edit is done.

Specials Import for ZenCart

Posted February, 2018

If you are a heavy user of specials, take a look at ZenCart Specials Import. It allows you to import a CSV of Zen Cart Specials (rather than creating them one by one in the admin panel).

Better Together for OpenCart Updates

Posted January, 2018

OpenCart Better Together and Better Together Admin for OpenCart have just been released for OpenCart 3.0.

Zen Cart Catalog Invoice

Posted January, 2018

Catalog Invoice was just updated to add the invoice button to the Account History page. (It was formerly on the My Account page only.)