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2019 January to June

Zen Cart Responsive Template Fallback

Posted June, 2019

Love your desktop template, but want to be mobile-friendly too? I have a solution for that. Check out Zen Cart Responsive Template Fallback.

Zen Cart Delete Spam Customers

Posted June, 2019

Bad guys never sleep! I have noticed an uptick in spam account creation in Zen Cart. If this is happening to you, use my Zen Cart Delete Spam Customers contribution to easily remove junk accounts.

Zen Cart Order Total Edit

Posted May, 2019

Sometimes, you just need to tweak the line items on an order. Whether it's to meet a price commitment you made offline, or because some detail on the order changed, it happens. Order Edit is a great mod, but some things aren't completely under your control with it - which was why I created Zen Cart Order Total Edit.

Zen Cart and Sales Reps

Posted April, 2019

Some Zen Cart storeowners have a sales or customer support team. I created a page to show some modifications I have done in support of this model. Take a look at Zen Cart Sales Rep Management.

Shipping Restrictions for Zen Cart

Posted April, 2019

Many products are subject to restrictions in certain jurisdictions. For example, live plants, live animals, alcohol and firearms often have restrictions on where they can be shipped. If this applies to your Zen Cart, take a look at my Zen Cart Shipping Restrictions page.

Changed Files Report

Posted March, 2019

I just did an update to the ZenCart Changed Files report to prevent the creation of error logs when a folder isn't readable. (Later Addition: I also added the ability to ignore specific filetypes to shorten the report.) It's in the Plugins area.

Products Price Manager

Posted February, 2019

I have always found it confusing that when you go into the Zen Cart Products Price Manager (Admin > Catalog > Products Price Manager), the fields on the screen appear to be editable but they're not. So finally I fixed this issue! My fix will be available in Zen Cart 1.5.6b, but you can merge it into your fileset at your convenience; it's in this Github pull request.

My Mods and PHP7

Posted January, 2019

A lot of my mods needed PHP7 updates. You can see the complete list of Zen Cart mods and PHP7 to see if your favorite mod is ready.

That Software Guy in Salesforce Video

Posted January, 2019

I'm ready for my close-up!