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FedEx REST API shipping method released

Posted November, 2023

I have International shipping to the FedEx REST API Shipping.

Database Conversion Tools

Posted September, 2023

The best practice is to update your older latin1/iso-8859 databases to use UTF8MB4. We have recently updated the recommended database conversion tool that does this; please see Converting from ISO-8859-1 to UTF8MB4 for more information.

Save for Later fixes for Zen Cart 1.5.8

Posted August, 2023

Save for Later has been updated for Zen Cart 1.5.8.

FedEx REST API shipping method released

Posted July, 2023

FedEx has deprecated their old Web Services API. To replace it, I have created a new FedEx REST API based Shipping Method for Zen Cart.

Invoice Payment Method updated

Posted June, 2023

The Invoice payment method has been updated for PHP 8 and Zen Cart 1.5.8.

Admin Notes V2 updated

Posted May, 2023

The Admin Notes V2 plugin has been updated for Zen Cart 1.5.8.

Catalog Invoice updated

Posted April, 2023

Updates to the Catalog Invoice plugin for 1.5.8 have been posted to fix references to missing .css files.

1.5.8a Release

Posted March, 2023

Zen Cart 1.5.8a has been released! Thanks to all the community members who helped.

CSV Inventory updated

Posted February, 2023

The CSV Inventory plugin has been updated for Zen Cart 1.5.8.

Responsive Fallback for Zen Cart 1.5.8

Posted January, 2023

I have updated Responsive Fallback to be compatible with Zen Cart 1.5.8 and the new language loading procedures. And Responsive Fallback now has the option of falling back to the Bootstrap template, not just Responsive Classic. So if your desktop template is holding you back from upgrading, Responsive Fallback could be a good option for you.