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2014 July to December

Making Payment Easier

Posted December, 2014

Most people pay me by PayPal, either directly or via my store.
But some people don't like PayPal - for a variety of reasons. For a while, the payment alternative I offered was Google Checkout, but Google killed that product off. So now I offer the following non-PayPal options for people to make payments or donations:
  • By Google Wallet to thatsoftwareguy@gmail.com
  • By Venmo at http://www.venmo.com/ThatSoftwareGuy
  • By PopMoney to help@thatsoftwareguy.com
  • By credit card payment via the BrainTree payment gateway in my store, upon request

Zen Cart Optional Payment Method

Posted December, 2014

The Optional Payment Module for Zen Cart allows you to offer a specific payment method to a subset of your customers.

Zen Cart Checkbox Cross Sell Updates

Posted November, 2014

Checkbox Cross Sell for Zen Cart now displays the Better Together marketing text within the cross sell block. It's a nice way of ensuring people realize the discounts they will get when they buy your cross-sold items.


Posted October, 2014

I'm working on blogging more regularly and consistently. You can visit my blog on Zen Cart and ecommerce directly, or if you like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you will get my posts there. I hope you find my posts useful and interesting.

Package Discounts for Zen Cart

Posted October, 2014

If you want to provide a package discount for a kit or group of items, you can now do this using Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser. This capability was already part of Big Chooser, but it now has the convenience of an admin panel.

My Zen Cart Mods In Action

September August, 2014

Last year I created a page of Zen Cart Discount Preview screenshots on sites which use my discounting mods and show the discount on the shopping cart page using Discount Preview.

I'd like to expand this even more this year to showing off the marketing text for various discounting mods, and various other template changes I have offered to the community. Are you using one of my mods in a unique way? Send me a screenshot!

Final Price modules for Zen Cart

Posted September, 2014

There are now two ways you can set a final price for a bundle of products in Zen Cart. The first, which was introduced in April of this year, is Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser. The latest is in Zen Cart Table Discounts, which permits you to set final prices for bundles of items at multiple quantity levels. So you can say the final price for a bundle of five items (specified by category, manufacturer or product id) is price 1, and the final price for a bundle of ten items is price 2. Table Discounts will generate the necessary discount to get the post-discount price to the level you have set. It's a great spin on Quantity Discounting.

Note that the meaning of "final price" in this context is that a discount is created such that the price of the items in question minus the discount is equal to the final price. For example, here is a demonstration of "Buy 4 movies for $100" using Free Gift Chooser. Final Price Discount using Free Gift Chooser

OpenCart Better Together

Posted August, 2014

OpenCart Better Together has been released as a free OpenCart extension.

Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser allows use of Linked Categories

Posted August, 2014

Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser now has the ability to look not just at master category ID, but at all possible category IDs for linked products.

What does this mean in practice? Suppose you have a series of items you want to link to a clearance category. Now you can specify that category ID as a category to choose discounted items (or condition items) from. This flexibility is not available in any of my other modules.

Zen Cart Updates for 1.5.2 and 1.5.3

Posted July, 2014

All my updates for the latest Zen Cart Release are complete! The following modules have been updated for Zen Cart 1.5.2 and 1.5.3:

Zen Cart 1.5.3 Released!

Posted July, 2014

Here's the Zen Cart 1.5.3 Release Announcement. Note that the second release candidate of the 1.5.2 beta (zen-cart-v1.5.2-RC2-12172013) is now officially being called Zen Cart 1.5.2.

osCommerce Updates

Posted July, 2014

Both osCommerce Free Gift Chooser Mega Module and osCommerce Better Together Admin have received facelifts for osCommerce 2.3.4. Thanks to osCommerce wizard Gary Burton for letting me know about this!

And speaking of Gary, he was kind enough to show off Free Gift Chooser on his blog. Read the Club OSC review of Free Gift Chooser.

Zen Cart Coupons No Sale or Special

Posted July, 2014

A common request is "please change coupons to only apply to items not on sale or special." If you want that change, please see my Zen Cart Coupons No Sale or Special mod.