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2019 July to December

Zen Cart documentation updates

Posted December, 2019

The Zen Cart documentation site is being refreshed! Although the old Zen Cart documentation URL will still be used, the documentation is now in Github so that more people can contribute. There are sub-sites for Zen Cart storeowner documentation and Zen Cart developer documentation.

Manufacturer Discount Updates

Posted November, 2019

Zen Cart Manufacturer Discount now allows you to discount only the base price (product's price) of a product, rather than the final price, which includes the prices of all attribute settings.


Posted October, 2019

Audit allows you to easily find and fix anomalies in your database, such as items with a master category of 0. Try Zen Cart Audit and see what it reports on your database.


Posted September, 2019

Are you tired of getting Russian spam sent to your Zen Cart via your Contact Us page, and fake accounts created by bad guys? My clients were, so I built Zen Cart Jerkblocker.

Zen Cart Default Attribute

Posted August, 2019

Default Attribute for Zen Cart is the latest of my mods that has been added to the Zen Cart core for release 1.5.7. But don't worry! If you are running Zen Cart 1.5.5 or 1.5.6, I have simplified the install so it's much easier.

If you're selling downloadable products with a single attribute values (Zip Files or PDF files, for example), Default Attribute is a great addition to your store. It allows your customers to add downloadable products (which have just one single-valued attribute) to their cart from a listing page, like search results or a category page, rather than having to click through to the product info page.

osCommerce updates for Phoenix

Posted August, 2019

The following modules have been updated for the Phoenix Community release of osCommerce:
Phoenix introduces a number of not upwardly compatible changes from osCommerce 2.3, so your older mods won't work right out of the box. If you're updating software yourself, some notes on the required changes are provided in osCommerce Phoenix updates.

Zen Cart Notify Patch

Posted July, 2019

The Zen Cart team has released a high priority patch for all versions prior to Zen Cart 1.5.6c (which was just released). My support clients get this patch immediately. If you don't get support from me, you need to install this patch yourself.

You can read more about Zen Cart patches if you don't understand why this is important, and for a link to the patch.

Zen Cart Fix Company

Posted July, 2019

Fix Company resolves an issue in some versions of Chrome which autofills the Company Name field with the year of birth stored in the cache of a user's browser. If your Zen Cart address book is filled with company names which are 4 digits long, the Zen Cart Fix Company contribution can clean them out.