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Please note: This is the osCommerce Phoenix page. For information on osCommerce releases 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0, please see my Legacy osCommerce page.

The main focus of my business is Zen Cart Modules, but I have ported some of my most popular work to osCommerce. I post as swguy on the osCommerce forum.

Want to see my software in action? Take a look at my osCommerce Videos.

If you've never installed an osCommerce mod before, please read my Guide to Mod Installation on osCommerce.

The perfect companion for my modules Quantity Discounts and Better Together is Discount Preview, which lets you see the discounts on the Shopping Cart page. Without this module, your customers must wait until the checkout payment page to see their discounts, which many e-commerce experts believe reduces the likelihood of completing a sale.


Free software, original works. Donations appreciated.

Download Link to Support Thread Relevant osCommerce Version Help
Download Quantity Discounts for osCommerce osC Quantity Discounts Support Thread Phoenix Help for Quantity Discounts for osCommerce
Download Better Together for osCommerce osC Better Together Support Thread Phoenix Help for Better Together for osCommerce
Download Better Together Promotional Page for osCommerce osC Better Together Promo Page Support Thread Phoenix Help for Better Together Promotional Page for osCommerce


Shrink-wrapped commercial software, generally priced in the $30-$60 range.

Extension Name More Details
Discount Preview Discount Preview for osCommerce allows your customers to "preview" on the Shopping Cart page the discounts they will receive on the Order Confirmation page. It is designed to work in conjunction with my Better Together and Quantity Discounts contributions, as well as Discount Chooser for osCommerce. For more details, see the osCommerce Discount Preview page.
Discount Chooser The Discount Chooser Mega Module allows you to flexibly create product based (rather than dollars spent based) discounts with a built in admin panel. Somewhat less flexible than Big Chooser, but with the simplicity of point and click configuration.
(Note: Discount Chooser was formerly called Free Gift Chooser; the name was changed to more accurately reflect its capabilities.)
Better Together Admin At the current time, there is no Better Together Admin for Phoenix. Please buy Discount Chooser for osCommerce if you need a discounting module with an admin panel. Discount Chooser does 90% of Better Together Admin, plus many other discounts such as buy 2 items, get the third free.

Older Software

The older osCommerce 2.3 mods listed on the Legacy osCommerce page will still work, with two caveats:
  • You must make the changes described in the Phoenix Tweaks page.
  • You will still have to make core changes (as directed in the mod's documentation).
If there is sufficient paid demand, I will upgrade these modules.

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