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RocketShipIt Integration Services

Do you want to use RocketShipIt for your shipping needs?

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My name is Scott Wilson, and I’m a software developer. But unlike most software developers, I have also done both product and project management. Most software developers have to be told exactly what needs to be built, but I can work with you to help you figure out what you need. Then, I can help you stack rank your todo list so that the most valuable features are done first. But don't take my word for it - you can read the hundreds of reviews and testimonials I have collected, and see for yourself that I am a Zen Cart Expert.

RocketShipIt has the ability to check multiple services with a single call, which ensures you can price your shipping and handling fees with confidence. I'm one of a small number of RocketShipIt partners that Mark Sanborn has trusted to help his clients get their jobs done. Let's build your RocketShipIt enabled application together!

Using RocketShipIt in Zen Cart Admin

RocketShipIt provides the ability to create your own labels, so you don't need to use ShipStation. Here are some examples: USPS Label produced by RocketShipIt for a Zen Cart order

UPS Label produced by RocketShipIt for a Zen Cart order