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That Software Guy loves Salesforce!

Here's how I got into Salesforce: A mid-sized Tampa Bay firm was in the process of converting from a paper-based sales management process to Salesforce.com. They asked me to interview for a position as the project manager of the effort. I didn't know much about Salesforce, so I created a trial account, became a Trailblazer, started earning badges, and immersed myself in the platform to prep for the interview. Well, long story short, I didn't get the job, but I fell in love with Salesforce!

So now, I use Salesforce to run my own (Zen Cart based) business. I have released the integrations I did in the hopes that they will help others who are on a similar journey.

Then some optional additions:
The Salesforce guys liked my story so much, they wrote a few blog posts about me:
Then they invited me to speak at Dreamforce 2018 about my experience!

We did some social media posts. That Software Guy at Dreamforce 2018 Here's me with SaaSy, the Salesforce mascot. That Software Guy and SaaSy at Dreamforce 2018

You can see my Salesforce presentation by clicking the screenshot below. My remarks start around 9:15. That Software Guy speaks at Dreamforce 2018

Also while I was there, I spoke with tech journalist Ramon Ray for his Vlog, Smart Hustle magazine. He called the article How to Stand Out in the World of Online Selling.

We also did a video interview together: