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Shopify Customization

Shopify offers the trade-off of simplicity for customizability. For many sites that don't need business logic or extensive custom programming, it can be ideal. I'm just getting started with Shopify but plan on supporting customers soon. Want to try out Shopify and work with me? Let's get started!

I post as swguy on the Shopify forum.


Free software, original works. Donations appreciated.

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Shopify site2 on iPad
Shopify Demo Store with Zen Cart Demo data
  • Uses the Simple theme.
  • I created a Zen Cart exporter that takes products from a Zen Cart database and prepares them for import into Shopify.
  • Unlike Zen Cart, Shopify does not make use of organization by category. Instead, products are placed in collections. This shows a few ways of handling this organization in the right navigation menu.

Shopify site on iPad
Shopify Demo Flower Store
  • Uses the Launchpad-star theme.
  • Shopify themes are mobile-ready and designed to look good on phones, tablets and desktops.
  • Shows products with priced attributes. Theme has been modified so price with selected attributes is displayed.

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