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My name is Scott C. Wilson and I am That Software Guy. This is the store where I sell my modules for Zen Cart, osCommerce and OpenCart. If you don't know about my work or what you are looking for, please start on my home page. There you will find detailed descriptions of each of my modules.

These are my paid Zen Cart, osCommerce and OpenCart modules. If you are looking for my free modules, just go to my home page and find your cart type.

Upgrades on software products you have purchased in the last 2 years are discounted. If you purchased in the last year, your upgrade is free; if you purchased in the last 2 years, your upgrade is 50% off. Just enter UPGRADE in the coupon box on the Checkout Payment page.

Need to ask a pre-purchase question or get clarification? I am happy to help - just ask!

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