Go On Support (10 Hours)

You're busy running your business. Why would you want to run your website too? 

As the primary support person for your Zen Cart website, I take care of:

  • Installing security patches
  • Fixing errors that occur because of changes made by your hoster
  • Following up on any issues you report
  • Upgrades and updates on your schedule
  • Dealing with reported issues from your security scans (by SecurityMetrics or whatever service you use).

In addition, I give each site a periodic check to ensure that there are no error logs (and when there are logs, I fix the problem). 

This is much cheaper than paying per job: if you ask me for a quote for a small job, I have to think worst case about all the things that could go wrong. Now sometimes things go wrong and sometimes they don't so it all balances out for me, but for you, you are consistently paying a worst case price. If you go on support, you only pay my actual time (rounded up to the quarter hour) for non-emergency requests. 

What I do for people who want to go on support for their site(s) is I take a payment of $1000 for a block of 10 hours, and then I deduct as you need work.

To start on support, please purchase this 10 hour block of time from my store. I will need your Zen admin, FTP and cPanel credentials. Instructions for sending credentials are below. 

Please note: You MUST have Linux hosting with CPanel in order to sign up support with me. I cannot provide support for other configurations.

To send credentials, go to PrivNote.com, and enter the following information:

Zen Cart Admin URL:
Zen Cart Admin userid:
Zen Cart Admin password:

FTP Hostname:
FTP Userid:
FTP Password:
(If SFTP is used, please note port number or any other relevant details)

CPanel URL:
CPanel Userid:
CPanel Password:

Then press the "Create Note" button and send me the URL.

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