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Zen Cart Bulk Email

Retailers occasionally need (or want) to email everyone who bought a specific product. Possible reasons are:
  • Product upgrade availability
  • Product recall or safety issue
  • Cross sell marketing post-sale
  • Sudden shortage or unavailability of a product
But how do you do this?

My Bulk Email mod allows you to select customers based on a product id, with the additional optional constraints of order status, order date range, and any other fields you might want to use.

This is custom work I provide to my support clients only. Pricing details here.

Come work with me and I'll help you!    Let's get started!

Selecting the orders Order Confirmation Email from My Cart

In the example shown, the same product id may be supplied by multiple vendors, and the client wanted to target only products from specified vendors.
Zen Cart Selecting customers for bulk email

Drafting the Bulk Email

The email creation part of the form allows you to specify the email subject, as well as HTML and plain text email bodies. In addition, matching orders can optionally have their statuses updated.
Zen Cart Bulk Email contents

Bulk Email can also be used in other scenarios. For example, this client is using my Reward Points mod, and wants a way to email people with more than a specified number of reward points, who haven't been emailed in a specified number of days. (The two message fields are omitted because they are the same.) Zen Cart Bulk Email  to Reward Points users

Zen Cart Bulk Email is offered to my support clients only. (Why?)
Would you like to send more targeted Zen Cart emails? Come work with me and I'll help you!    Let's get started!

Pricing: The price for this module is $300 plus installation and customization costs at my normal hourly rate for support clients.