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Zen Cart Checkout Calendars

Zen Cart Checkout Calendars

Note: this page describes adding calendars at checkout for scheduling pickup or delivery. If you need need per-product calendars, please see my Zen Cart Date-Based Products page.

Many products need to have the customer enter a start date (and possibly an end date). This attribute type isn't built in to Zen Cart, but I can add it for you.

Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.3.9, 1.5.x

Cost: Based on your requirements, starting at $300. This is not a plugin; it's custom software developed for your needs to your specifications.

See it Live: Examples below.

Want something similar for your store? Great! Contact me with your requirements. Let's get started!

The Order Delivery Date plugin provides a calendar for pickup using the Mootools Javascript toolkit. It should look something like this when it's closed:

Zen Cart Basic Checkout Calendar - closed

Clicking the blue calendar button opens it up so it looks like this:

Zen Cart Basic Checkout Calendar

For many stores, this is perfectly adequate, but many other options are possible, and may be required if a time is also needed.

Dropdown Date and Time

This store uses a dropdown for date (providing the next 4 weeks, excluding Sundays) and time (adjusted for the times the store is open).

Zen Cart Checkout Calendar - date dropdown

Calendar plus Dropdown Time

This store needs a full calendar but also a time picker. The store has different pickup times for different days, so customers pick a day and then a time, and certain times are grayed out on certain days.

Zen Cart Checkout Calendar - datepicker

Below the date picker is a time dropdown.

Zen Cart Checkout Calendar - timepicker

When they're both set, it looks like this:

Zen Cart Checkout Calendar - date and time set

Let me know your needs so we can get started!