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Zen Cart Case Discounts

Zen Cart Case Discounts

A Zen Cart™ discounting module for bulk purchases.

Case Discounts allows you to apply tiered pricing on a per product basis (like Table Discounts), but with an admin interface, so no PHP coding is required.

Zen Cart has a built-in quantity discounting mechanism (native quantity discounts), which allows you to discount bulk purchases of a single item, with the discount applying to the entire line item for a single product when purchase volume exceeds a specific threshold. Table Discounts allows you to discount products with discounts only applying to a specific fixed quantity or quantities (tiers), but it requires specification of these things in PHP code; there is no admin panel.

Case Discounts bridges the gap between these two solutions. You may specify a case size and discount on a per item basis, that are only applied to product quantities which are multiples of the case price.

Background: See the Zen Cart Matrix-o-discounts

Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.5.5+

Current Version: 1.0 (version history)

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Cost: $240.00 installed

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Tax Notes: Notes on tax handling

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Case Discounts is an order total module, so the discount is not visible until the second page of checkout. If you want to see the discount on the shopping cart page (or sidebox), look at Discount Preview.

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Case Discounts permits a shop to create per product discounts for specific quantity purchases ("a case of ..."). For example, suppose product 22 comes in cases of 12. You might want to discount purchases of product 22 which are made in multiples of 12, but not discount those which aren't. So a purchase of 13 product 22 would get a discount on the first 12 but not the last 1.

If this does not describe the discounting plan you want, you should instead look at (in increasing order of flexibility) Zen Cart's built-in quantity discounting mechanism (native quantity discounts), Quantity Discounts, or Table Discounts.

Detailed Description:

Case Discounts is installed through the Admin interface (Admin > Modules > Order Total > Table Discount).

This is where the tax settings and sort order are configured.

Once this is done, the discounts are configured on a product by product basis. The product editing screen (Admin > Catalog > Categories/Products > Edit) has settings for Case Discounts just below the pricing fields.
Zen Cart Configuration of Case Discounts
Filling in a Case Size of 12 and a Case Discount of 10 Dollars Off would produce a $120 savings for a purchase of 12 or 13 of this product.

Because Case Discounts is an Order Total module, the discount is shown on the payment page of checkout.
Zen Cart Case Discount as seen at checkout
However, if you require the discounts to show up in the shopping cart, you may wish to consider Discount Preview.


What good is having cross selling and upselling specials if you don't advertise them?

Case Discounts may be automatically displayed on the product info page.

Customize the tpl_product_info_display.php file to advertise your discounts. Copy the file includes/templates/template_default/templates/tpl_product_info_display.php into includes/templates/<YOUR_TEMPLATE>/templates
Then add this block of code to the new copy of tpl_product_info_display.php:
   $current_page_base,'templates'). '/tpl_case_discounts_marketing.php');
The placement of this code is a matter of personal preference; try placing it below the product description and adjust to your tastes. It creates a message on your page that advertises the discounts that are applicable to that product.

For example, the configuration shown above ($10 off cases of 12) would show an image like the following:

Zen Cart Case Discounts Marketing

Case Discounts and Discount Preview

Discount Preview makes Case Discounts pop! It shows the discount on the shopping cart page, instead of making your customers wait until the checkout payment page to see their discounts. Here's a screenshot of the shopping cart page on a cart using Discount Preview and Case Discounts. The discount was get $0.17 off per bar in case size of 8.

Zen Cart Case Discounts and Discount Preview

Discount Preview is sold separately. Buy Discount Preview Now!

Notes on Taxes

If you don't use embedded taxes, and don't have a mix of taxable and tax-free products, and don't have a different rate of tax for shipping, please skip this section.
However, if you any of the above apply to you, please read my Notes on Taxes.

Be sure that the sort order for the Tax module (set in Admin->Modules->Order Total->Tax) is greater than the largest order total sort order, so that your taxes are shown after all discounts. 399 is a good value for most stores.

Major Versions

  • Version 1.0 - 04/01/2013 - First Release.


  • Users wishing to sort native discounts (such as Coupons or Group Discounts) after my discounts, with tax recalculation, should look at this page.


Q: Why is there a Case Discounts contribution in the first place?
A: Zen Cart has a number of intrinsic discounting mechanisms: coupons, specials, sales, group discounts, discounts via the products price manager, etc.
While each of these fills a need, some retailers have different discounting needs that cannot easily be met by any of these features. The Case Discounts contribution was designed to meet these needs.

You can look at the Zen Cart Matrix-o-discounts to see what other discounting mechanisms are available.

Q: What is the Products Price Manager?
A: The Products Price Manager implements Zen Cart's native Quantity Discounting mechanism. Go to Admin > Catalog > Categories/Products, select a product, and press the green $ sign. You are now in Products Price Manager.

Q: Is the Case Discounts contribution related to the native Quantity Discounting feature in Products Price Manager?
A: No. The Case Discounts contribution has its own configuration (through the setup function), and is completely separate from the Products Price Manager.

Q: I have a table on my product info screen that looks like this (below). Is this the Case Discounts Contribution?

Qty Discounts Off Price

A: No - this is the native Quantity Discounts mechanism. Go to Catalog > Categories/Products and find the product this that shows this table. Press the green $ to enter Products Price Manager, and delete these discounts; they are separate from (and will be applied in addition to) any discounts you configure in the Case Discounts Contribution.

The Case Discounts Contribution's marketing text is different; an example is provided here.

Q: I would like my discounts to show up in the shopping cart. Why don't they?
A: The way the Order Total modules work is that they show up at checkout time. However, if you require the discounts to show up in the shopping cart, you may wish to consider purchasing the Discount Preview module for $30.

Alternately, you can indicate that you have a table discount policy by adding to TEXT_INFORMATION in includes/languages/english/shopping_cart.php, and inform the user that the discounts will be calculated (and visible) at checkout time. Additionally, changing SUB_TITLE_SUB_TOTAL in the same file to something like 'Sub-Total BEFORE Discount' will emphasize the fact that a discount will be added at checkout time.


The following Case Discounts extensions are available:
  • Show Case Discounts on the shopping cart page using Discount Preview
  • Other customizations as required.
I charge a fee for each of these extensions. Contact me for details.

I charge a fee of $240 for Case Discounts. The fee covers software and installation on your site. Buy Now