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Zen Cart Changed Files

Zen Cart Changed Files

The Changed Files mod allows you to see which files have changed most recently in your Zen Cart installation.

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Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.5.1 and above

Current Version: 1.5 (version history)

Support Thread: Changed Files Support Thread

Cost: Free, but donation appreciated

Installed Cost: $100.00 Buy Professional Installation by That Software Guy

Installation Difficulty: Easy

Installation Instructions: click here for installation instructions

Location: Zen Cart Plugins, under Admin Tools

Download: Changed Files in Zen Cart Plugins

Add-Ons: I also recommend using SysCheck.


Recently changed files in a Zen Cart installation could be the root cause of new problems, or could be an indication of malicious activity. This report allows you to quickly determine which files have been changed most recently.

Here's how it looks:

Changed Files in Zen Cart Admin

Zen Cart Changed Files

In version 1.3, the Changed Files mod shows 0 byte files in red. Zero byte files are a sign of a failed upload, which will cause all kinds of problems. If this happens, you will want to re-run your upload.

Here's how it looks:

Finding 0 byte uploads with Changed Files in Zen Cart Admin

Zen Cart Changed Files showing 0 byte files

Installation Instructions:

  1. Back up everything! Try this in a test environment prior to installing it on a live shop.
  2. Copy the contents of the unzipped folder to the root directory of your shop.
  3. Run the changed_files.sql file against your database, using Admin > Tools > Install SQL Patches.
  4. To suppress reporting on specific filetypes, modify admin/changed_files.php, and set the variable $filetype_exclusions.

Major Versions

  • 1.5 03/28/2024 - Updates for 1.5.8+
  • 1.4 07/02/2022 - Add to filetypes ignored list
  • 1.3a 07/05/2020 - Fixed filename definition bug
  • 1.3 03/24/2020 - Reporting 0 byte files in red
  • 1.2 03/22/2019 - Add optional filetype exclusions
  • 1.1 03/08/2019 - Check for unreadable files and do not log
  • 1.0.1 03/07/2018 - Added check for required classes
  • 1.0 03/05/2018 - First Release