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Choose Your Price for Zen Cart

Zen Cart Choose Your Own Price

Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.3.9, 1.5.x

Cost: Based on your requirements, starting at $300. Before I can give you a final quote, I need to see your product with all its attributes on a Zen Cart product info page.

FAQ: click here

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See it Live: Go to product 181 in my demo shop. This products is configured so that the customer chooses their own price.

Zen Cart does not have a "choose your own price" feature. I can provide this capability for your shop for a fee. Please contact me with your Zen Cart version, URL, and requirements for an exact quote.


Q: Why do I need Chose Your Own Price when I can just create a $1 item and have people buy as many as they want?
A: There are a couple of disadvantages to the $1 item solution. First of all, it is less intuitive than Choose Your Own Price. Second of all, when multiple $1 products are bought, they are not broken out the way they are with my solution. For example, you buy 3 $5 gift cards, priced at $1, they show up as a single $15 item. With my solution, they show up as 3 $5 gift cards.

You can see this in the screenshots below:

Here is what the shopping cart looks like without Choose Your Own Price: 15 items at $1 each
With No Zen Cart Choose Your Own Price
Here is what the shopping cart looks like with Choose Your Own Price: 3 items at $5 each
With Zen Cart Choose Your Own Price