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Combination Discounts for Zen Cart - the Combination Discounts World

Combination Discounts permits shopowners to offer the following types of discounts in Zen Cart:

  • Buy 2 item X, get 2 item Y at a discount
  • Buy items X and Y, get an item from category A at a discount
  • Buy an item from category A, and category B, get an item from category C at a discount
  • Buy item X and an item from category A, get unlimited item Y at a discount

As you can see, Combination Discounts takes Better Together to the next level.

Discounts may be specified as percentages of the latter item's price or as absolute values in the currency your cart uses.

I wrote several other pieces of software to go with Combination Discounts for Zen Cart. Here they all are.

Add-On Problem It Solves FREE/PAY
Combination Discounts Marketing Text Shows your Combination Discounts offers on the product info page. FREE
Discount Preview Allows your customers to see their discounts on the shopping cart page instead of making them wait until the payment page. PAY
Combination Discounts Admin panel Makes it easier to add new Combination Discounts discount offers. PAY
Checkout Candy for Combination Discounts Automatically upsells your Combination Discounts combinations. If a customer has one item in their cart, it prompts them to buy the other(s). PAY
Buy The Set Allows one-click purchase of Combination Discounts offers which are comprised of products without attributes. PAY
Combination Discounts Offers on Listing Pages Shows off your Combination Discounts discounts on the following Zen Cart pages: All Products, New Products, Featured Products, Search Results and manufacturer and category listing pages. PAY
Combination Discounts Promotional Page Provides a single page that shows all your Combination Discounts offers. FREE
Combination Discounts Promotional Page with Add All to Cart Provides a single page that shows all your Combination Discounts offers and for offers are composed entirely of attribute-free products (no PRICE or CAT discounts), a one-click buy option is presented. PAY