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*** Please note: This contribution is no longer supported. It is provided for historical reference only.
Please see Copy Shipping Label instead.
Dymo Label Printer

Zen Cart Dymo Label Printer

Dymo saves you time-o!

Dymo Label Printer is a Zen Cart™ contribution which allows a shopowner to print the Ship To address from the invoice page on a Dymo LabelWriter.

Currently this only works on Windows using the browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.3.7 and forward

Location: Zen Cart Plugins, under Admin Tools.

Download: Download Dymo Label Printer contribution from the Zen Cart Plugins

Current Version: 1.1

Support Thread: Dymo Label Printer Contribution Support Thread


This contribution allows you to easily print the Ship To label on a Dymo 400. A Dymo icon is presented on the invoice screen (and the super_invoice screen for Super Orders users); clicking this icon will print to your Dymo 400.

I have tested the following configurations with Dymo DLS
  • Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2.0.0
  • Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 2.0.0

Super Invoice showing Dymo Printer in Internet Explorer

Super Invoice page showing Dymo Printer in IE

Invoice showing Dymo Printer in Firefox

Invoice page showing Dymo Printer in FF


Q: Why only Windows?
A: This makes calls directly to the driver, and Dymo doesn't support a Linux driver for the device. I will do Mac at some future time.

Q: I'm getting errors in Win/IE! What's wrong?
A: Here are some things you should check if you are running IE:
  • The default drivers that Windows gives you won't work; you want to install the Dymo drivers from the CD you got when you bought the device. Unplug your printer before you do this, and run the actual install command from the CD; do not allow Windows to autoinstall on detection.
  • Open the Dymo Label application. Click Help/About Dymo Label Software. You must be running DLS 7.6 or greater to use this contribution. If you are not, download an updated version of DLS from www.dymo.com.
  • Open the Dymo Label application. Ensure you can print a label. You must get this to work before you try printing from your browser.
  • Depending on your security settings, you may need to add your website to your trusted hosts list. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools/Internet Options/Security and add your site to the Trusted Sites list. If the "Default Level" security settings button settings is greyed out, you may need to review the settings to ensure you can run ActiveX controls.
  • If you are getting an error dialog that says, "Error: Label file Not Found!" you have installed your labels in a non-standard location. You must edit the file admin/includes/javascript/dymo_ie.js.php and change the paths used to find the LWL and LWT files.
  • You must accept all the great Microsoft warnings before this will work. You will probably have to try a few times and accept successively more prompts and Active X warnings before you can successfully print a label, but once you've done that you should be set.

Q: I'm getting errors in Win/FF! What's wrong?
A: Here are some things you should check if you are running Firefox:
  • There are a series of four steps in the instructions for Firefox; did you follow them all?
  • Are you running Firefox 2.0 or greater? (Check Help/About Mozilla Firefox)
  • Did you install the new XPI from the contribution? (Check Tools/Add-ons and check for DLS SDK.)
  • Did you update your prefs? Follow this link to learn where your prefs.js file is located, and check to ensure all three String preferences and the Boolean preference shown in the instructions have been set.
  • Have you given the right path to dymo_ff.js on your PC desktop in invoice.php (or super_invoice.php)?
  • Open Tools/Error console and reload the page. Any errors? Click the Dymo icon. Any errors?

Q: I can't get this to work with my browser/my browser is not supported. What do I do?
A: Use the Dymo desktop client (it's called "Dymo Label"). Select the ship to address and copy to your clipboard, paste it into Dymo Label and print the label. It's a few more steps.

Q: Where do I buy a Dymo 400?
A: The best way to buy a Dymo 400 is using my Amazon affiliate link! Thank you!