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Does your Zen Cart appear Not Secure?

In late July, 2018, Google added a new warning to its Chrome browser (Chrome version 68, specifically). Any site which runs in http mode (as opposed to https mode) now shows a warning saying "Not Secure." If you usually browse the web with Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer, download Chrome and take a look at your site.

This is a big change from past practice. Until very recently, Chrome would only issue a warning if a login or credit card dialog was presented in http, rather than https.

Why does this matter?

As of January 2016, Chrome is the most popular browser, with over 50% market share. So this means that if your site is not properly configured, as many as half of your customers may see this warning, even if your site has an SSL certificate. And they may incorrectly assume that your site is a security risk.

How can I see if my site has this issue?

Update Google Chrome to the latest version, and then type in the address bar the name of your store, without "http" or "https". For example, to test my store, I would type in "thatsoftwareguy.com/store".

I get this warning! What do I do about it?

Easy: go on support with That Software Guy.    Let's get started!

My support customers don't have to worry about problems like this - I take care of them. If you have a support agreement with me, you can focus on running your business, not taking care of your website. Doesn't that sound like a good deal?