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Zen Cart Security Patches

Zen Cart Security Patches You know who else is excited about ecommerce?
Bad guys, that's who.
But you can protect yourself.
Keep your Zen Cart up to date the with the latest security patches.
I can do it for you - go on support.

What is a Patch?

Like all software, Zen Cart gets updated as time goes on with new releases. But in between releases, sometimes a critical change is required. For example,
  1. A payment processor like Authorize.Net changes their application program interface (API), which is how programs like Zen Cart communicate with it.
  2. A shipper like UPS increases its security requirements.
  3. A vulnerability in Zen Cart or a library used by Zen Cart is discovered.
These things have all happened, by the way! This is not a hypothetical discussion.

When something like this happens, the Zen Cart team releases a patch, which could be a set of instructions, configuration changes, or software updates required to solve the problem.

This page is focused on security patches, the third example from above. In the first two cases, you will know you need a change because the affected area will simply stop working. In the case of a security patch, however, you won't know you need a change unless you're actively monitoring the project like I am. That's why getting Zen Cart support is so valuable for people who want a worry-free ecommerce environment.

Note that a security patch alone does not inoculate you from the responsibility to keep your software up to date. You still need to do Zen Cart updates! But patches keep you going in the meantime.

Here are the patches released for the Zen Cart 1.5 Series. (*)
If your cart version is less than the "Fixed In Release," you need the patch!

Fixed In
1.5.6c Notify patch (July 2019)
1.5.5d PHPMailer Patch (Dec 2016)
1.5.5a Admin Privilege Escalation patches (12 May 2016)
1.5.5a Trustwave patches (March 2016)
1.5.5a High-Tech Bridge patches (Nov 2015)
1.5.5a Curesec patch (Sept 2015)
1.5.4 POODLE patches (Oct 2014)

Does your site have these patches? If not, please consider going on support with me. As the primary support person for your site, I'll be sure you are protected. Run your business, not your website!

(*) If you're still running a 1.3 series Zen Cart, you really need to upgrade.