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Zen Cart Product Customization

Business logic often requires you to customize your products beyond what is natively available in Zen Cart. Here are some examples of customizations I have done for clients.

Relevance: Any version of Zen Cart™

Cost: Based on your requirements; starting at $300 This is not a plugin; it's custom software developed for your needs to your specifications. Before I can give you a final estimate, we need to discuss your needs.

Want something similar for your store? Great! Contact me with your requirements. Let's get started!

The kinds of configuration values you can add to a Zen Cart product mirror what is available for a per product attribute: a radio button (one of several values must be chosen), a checkbox (a value is either on or off), a text field, or a dropdown (which is just a display variant of the radio button).

The behavior which is driven by any one of these settings is defined by the business; it could be:
  • Displaying a message on the shopping cart or a checkout screen
  • Preventing checkout in various situations
  • Adding a surcharge to checkout

This vendor is a botanist who sells plants from Hawaii. The plants have complex export restrictions: Certain plants need to be flagged as ineligible for shipping to specific states, ineligible for international shipping, and so forth. Shipping costs are also set on a per item basis. Zen Cart Radio button and Text field additions to a product

Depending on the settings used in configuration, specific messages will appear on the shopping cart. (See the messages under "Shipping Restrictions" at the bottom of the image.)
Zen Cart Radio button and Text field additions to a product

Another example is from a florist, where some products are specifically seasonal. The availability dates fields show the start and end availability for the product.
Zen Cart date field additions to a product
These dates are used in a message which appears on the product listing page:
Zen Cart availability dates displayed for a product

A variety of other more specific customizations is also available; please also see: