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product validation for Zen Cart

Zen Cart Product Validation

Many times, products have inter-attribute dependencies, or validation requirements which are not handled by native Zen Cart. I can create these validations for your store.

Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.3.0 - 1.3.9, 1.5.x

Cost: Based on your requirements; starting at $300. This is not a plugin; it's custom software developed for your needs to your specifications. Before I can give you a final estimate, we need to discuss your needs.

See it Live: In this product, length and width must be filled in and must be less than 30.

Want something similar for your store? Great! Contact me with your requirements. Let's get started!

Consider the following examples of validation needs:
  • A product has a text attribute representing a measurement which must be numeric (attribute validation)
  • A product's attributes have too many values to permit the use of a dropdown box, so a text field is used instead - but this field must be validated against a set of possible values (attribute validation)
  • A product has a height and width which can be specified by a user, but there is a maximum area (inter-attribute validation)
  • A code must be entered to add a product to the cart
Although these things aren't handled by native Zen Cart, I can add them in for you. Let me know your requirements and I'll give you a quote.

How about an example?
  • For this product, length and width must be filled in and must be less than 30.

Of course, these checks could also be done for checkboxes, radio buttons or dropdown selections.

For a more global look at cart validation, take a look at Valid Cart.