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Zen Cart Responsive Fallback

Zen Cart Responsive Fallback

Many Zen Cart storeowners love their current desktop template, but want their cart to be responsive at the same time. My Zen Cart Responsive Fallback mod solves this problem. It keeps your template as the main template, but uses the responsive_classic or bootstrap (your choice) template if the requesting device is mobile (as reported by MobileDetect).

Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.5.6b and above

Cost: Included with your upgrade to the current Zen Cart for purchasers of Upgrade Plus. Read about my upgrade process. This is not a plugin; it's custom software developed for your needs to your specifications.

Support Thread: My commercial software is not supported on the Zen Cart forum. Please email me questions instead.

Want something similar for your store? Great! Contact me with your requirements. Let's get started!


Lots of templates, especially older ones, were designed without mobile in mind. While this works well for your customers who are viewing your site on their desktop or laptop computers, it makes your site unusable on a mobile device.

The way I solve this problem is to use your template unless MobileDetect reports the requesting device is mobile, and in that case, to fall back to responsive_classic or bootstrap.

Here's how it looks on the listing page of a tools site.

Desktop (yorkshire_clean)Mobile (responsive_classic)
Tools website - Desktop View Tools website - Mobile View

Here's the product page of an aquarium site.

Desktop (abbiamo_supremo)Mobile (responsive_classic)
Aquarium website - Desktop View Aquarium website - Mobile View

And here's the home page of a craft site. They fall back to bootstrap when browsed from a mobile device.

Desktop (Picaflor Azul custom)Mobile (bootstrap)
Craft website - Desktop View Craft website - Mobile View

Responsive fallback is included with Upgrade Plus. And yes, it works with Zen Cart 1.5.8 and the new language loading system. Interested in an upgrade? Read about my upgrade process. Please contact me with your requirements and we'll get started with your upgrade!