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Zen Cart Search Helper Admin

Zen Cart Search Helper Admin

Search Helper Admin allows you to set your search helper keywords right from the admin panel without having to modify code.

Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.5.x.

Current Version: 1.0. Occasionally, new features are documented prior to being publicly available; please check the version history to ensure the feature you want is available in your version.

Support Thread: My commercial software is not supported on the Zen Cart forum. Please email me questions instead.

Cost: $60 (Note: this low price covers software only for self-installation.)

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Installed Cost: $200.00 (Professional installation by That Software Guy)

Installation Difficulty: Moderate

Installation Instructions: click here for installation instructions

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Search Helper Admin allows you to set your search helper keywords right from the admin panel without having to modify code.

Using Search Helper Admin

  • Go to Admin > Tools Search Helper
  • Press "Insert" to add a new search helper keyword mapping. The "Yes" radio button means show the new keyword on the product info page. (See Installation step 2.)

    Zen Cart Search Helper Admin keyword mapping creation
  • Once the prior step is complete, the old and new keywords will show in a list. This configuration means that when a customer types in "Compaq" the search will look for "HP".

    Zen Cart Search Helper Admin keywords

Installation Instructions:

  1. Back up everything! Try this in a test environment prior to installing it on a live shop.
  2. Run the script keywords.sql using Admin > Tools > Install SQL Patches.
  3. Copy the files in the includes and admin folders to the root directory of your shop.
  4. Go to Admin > Tools > Search Helper, and configure Search Helper.
  5. Customize the tpl_product_info_display.php file if you wish to display any of your new search keywords. Put the file includes/templates/template_default/templates/tpl_product_info_display.php into includes/templates/YOURTEMPLATE/templates. Then add this block of code to the tpl_product_info_display.php file
    require($template->get_template_dir('/tpl_search_helper.php',DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,'templates'). '/tpl_search_helper.php');
    The placement of this code is a matter of personal preference; on my test site it is right below the description.

Major Versions

  • Version 1.0.0 - 09/11/2020 - First release.

I charge a fee of $60 for Search Helper Admin. Buy Now!
The fee covers software only; installation is extra if you require help.