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Zen Cart Seasonal Centerbox

Zen Cart Seasonal Centerbox
The Seasonal Centerbox is a centerbox - just like the New Products, Featured Products and Monthly Specials Centerboxes. It shows off randomly selected items from a specific category. It appears on your main page and may (optionally) also be put on the index page for categories and product lists, the product info page and the shopping cart page.

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Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.3.9 and 1.5.x

Current Version: 1.0 (version history)

Support Thread: Seasonal Centerbox Support Thread

Cost: The Seasonal Centerbox is Free, but donation appreciated.

Installed Cost: $60 Buy Professional Installation by That Software Guy

Installation Instructions: click here

Installation Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Location: Zen Cart Plugins, under Marketing Tools

Download: Seasonal Centerbox from Zen Cart Plugins

FAQ: click here

The Seasonal Centerbox displays randomly selected items from a specific category on your main page.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Back up everything! Try this in a test environment prior to installing it on a live shop.
  2. Rename the folder "custom" to the name of your template.
  3. Copy the files to your cart.
  4. Modify ./includes/languages/YOUR_TEMPLATE/english.php and add at the bottom:
    define('TABLE_HEADING_SEASONAL','Seasonal Products');
    (or whatever title you wish to use.)
  5. Modify includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/templates/tpl_index_default.php as follows:
    Right above
    while (!$show_display_category->EOF) {
    add this block of code:
    <?php require($template->get_template_dir('tpl_modules_seasonal.php',DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,'templates'). '/tpl_modules_seasonal.php'); ?>
  6. Modify includes/modules/YOUR_TEMPLATE /seasonal_index.php and set the two defined constants:
    • MAX_DISPLAY_CENTERBOX_SEASONAL to the number of items you wish to show
    • SEASONAL_CATEGORY to the category you wish to draw from
  7. You may also add the Seasonal Centerbox to the following other pages:
    Just copy these files from includes/templates/template_default/templates to includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/templates (if they don't already exist). Then for each one, look for the line that starts with "while" (as shown in step 5 above) and put the following line right above it:
    <php require($template->get_template_dir('tpl_modules_seasonal.php',DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,'templates'). '/tpl_modules_seasonal.php'); ?>
    (Truly, this line can be placed anywhere after the start of the opening div in the template; this placement is just a suggestion.)
  8. The Seasonal Centerbox re-uses the following admin settings from the Featured Centerbox:
    • SHOW_PRODUCT_INFO_COLUMNS_FEATURED_PRODUCTS (from Admin > Configuration > Index Listing)
    • IMAGE_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_LISTING_WIDTH (from Admin > Configuration > Images)
    • IMAGE_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_LISTING_HEIGHT (from Admin > Configuration > Images)
    If this doesn't work for your store, create your own constants or use other existing ones.

Major Versions for Seasonal Centerbox

  • 1.0 11/02/2020 - First Release


Q: Why not just use the built-in Featured Centerbox?
A: The Featured Centerbox requires you to set specific products to Featured. The Seasonal Centerbox randomly selects products from a specific category.