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Zen Cart Templates

The Zen Cart Template is the presentation layer of your ecommerce software - it determines how your cart appears to browsers. Other systems call this component a theme or a skin. If you are not familiar with templates, then the Zen Cart documentation article What is a template? is a good place to start.


I use a template called Bootstrap on my store.

bootstrap template

Responsive Classic

Zen Cart 1.5.5 and above have a built in mobile template called responsive_classic. You can see an example of it on Demo Site 5.

responsive classic template

Responsive Sheffield Blue

The author of the responsive classic template has another template that's very popular called Responsive Sheffield Blue. You can see an example of it on Demo Site 3.

responsive sheffield blue template

What if I like my desktop template?

Some customers love their desktop template and want to keep it, but want a responsive site too.  My solution for this is to keep their desktop template, and use the responsive_classic mobile friendly template only when someone visits from a mobile device.  I call this Responsive Fallback.