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Zen Cart to Salesforce - Adding Your Customers

That Software Guy loves Salesforce!

Here's how I got into Salesforce: A mid-sized Tampa Bay firm was in the process of converting from a paper-based sales management process to Salesforce.com. They asked me to interview for a position as the project manager of the effort. I didn't know much about Salesforce, so I created a trial account, became a Trailblazer, started earning badges, and immersed myself in the platform to prep for the interview. Well, long story short, I didn't get the job, but I fell in love with Salesforce!

So now, I use Salesforce to run my own (Zen Cart based) business. I have released the integrations I did in the hopes that they will help others who are on a similar journey.

Do you want to use Salesforce along with Zen Cart? Come work with me and I'll help you!

Take a look at my integrations for Zen Cart: