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Zen Cart Sellbrite Integration

Do you want to use Sellbrite so that your Internet based business can sell on multiple channels in addition to Zen Cart?

Come work with me and I'll help you!    Let's get started!

I created a set of Zen Cart tools which import and export product data between the Zen Cart database and Sellbrite. There are four components:
  • Import products from Sellbrite
  • Export products to Sellbrite
  • Updating inventory in Zen Cart from Sellbrite
  • Modify Sellbrite inventory after a Zen Cart sale

Zen Cart Tools menu showing Sellbrite options

Import from Sellbrite

An import from Sellbrite will either create a new product in Zen Cart or update an existing product. To prepare for an import from Sellbrite into Zen Cart, first export your products from Sellbrite, using Settings->Application Settings->Export Data.
Here is the mapping I used. This can be changed for your unique situation, and of course, the Sellbrite Custom Attributes will be yours.
(Table aliases: p = products; pd = products_description, sb = sellbrite.) 

SellbriteZen Cart
Package Weightp.products_weight
Product Image 1p.products_image
Custom Attribute 1sb.custom_attribute_1
Custom Attribute nsb.custom_attribute_n

The default category id for new products is a holding category the products are placed in until you organize them in your store. Images 2-12 (if specified) are also imported to your store, using the Zen Cart image naming convention.

Export to Sellbrite

Exporting to Sellbrite allows you to populate Sellbrite with the products which are currently in your Zen Cart store. It creates a CSV file in the format of the Sellbrite Inventory CSV import template, which you can import into Sellbrite using Settings->Application Settings->Import Data.

Updating inventory in Zen Cart from Sellbrite

Updating your Zen Cart p.products_quantity field from the Sellbrite available field is done using the Sellbrite API. This process is run on your site using cron once an hour, or more frequently for high volume operations.

Modify Sellbrite inventory after a Zen Cart sale

A hook is added to your store so that after a sale, the inventory in Sellbrite is updated using the Sellbrite API.

This software is offered to my support clients only. Would you like to improve your sales using the multi-channel capabilities of Sellbrite? Come work with me and I'll help you!    Let's get started!