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Zen Cart Version Information

You can quickly find your version information in Zen Cart using the Version link in the upper right hand side of your Admin home page. In Zen Cart 1.5.4, it will give you a screen that looks like this.

Zen Cart Version information from 1.5.4

The version information from this screenshot is as follows:
a) The Zen Cart version is 1.5.4.
b) The PHP version is 5.6.40
c) The MySQL version is 5.7.25
d) The Server OS version is Darwin 17.7.0

Note that newer versions of Zen Cart show a lot more information at the top of the page. Here's a screenshot from a site running Zen Cart 1.5.6.

Zen Cart Version information from 1.5.6

Why does this matter?

Security vulnerabilities in software are fixed over time, and more recent software has been hardened to prevent attacks that bad guys are using and vulnerabilities that security researchers find. Older software is less secure.

What are the current versions?

a) The SourceForge download site will show the current Zen Cart version. You are responsible for keeping your Zen Cart up to date. If you need help with a Zen Cart upgrade you can contact me.

b) The PHP.net site lists the supported PHP versions. Note that versions which are not color coded green or orange are not receiving security patches. You are responsible for setting your PHP Version within your server's control panel. You want to run the highest version of PHP which is compatible with your version. A compatibility matrix is provided by the Zen Cart team on the page server requirements to run Zen Cart.

c) Your MySQL version will be taken care of by your hosting company. In general, this is not an issue. MySQL has a large range of versions under active support, so even though your version number may look old, it is likely fine. The MySQL.com website lists the supported MySQL versions.

d) Your Server OS version will be taken care of by your hosting company. In general this is not an issue.