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*** Please note: This contribution no longer works because of changes on Google's side. It is provided for historical reference only.

Zen Cart Welcome, Google Searcher!

Welcome Google Searcher is a Zen Cart™ contribution which allows a shopowner to provide extra assistance to people who have arrived on a site via a Google search.

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Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.3.0 - 1.3.9, 1.5.x

Current Version: 1.2 (version history)

Support Thread: Welcome Google Searcher Support Thread

Cost: Free, but donation appreciated

Location: Zen Cart Plugins, under Marketing Tools.

Download: Download Welcome Google Searcher from Zen Cart Plugins


This contribution allows you to recognize when someone arrives at your site from a Google search, and facilitate a continued search using your site's search mechanism. Let's see how this could be advantageous:

Here are some Google Search results (constrained to my demo site) for Microsoft Intellimouse. To get these, I typed the following in the Google search box:
intellimouse site:https://www.thatsoftwareguy2.com/thatsoft_demo_3/

Google Search: Microsoft IntelliMouse

Google Search Results

When I click through one of these results, the cart recognizes I came from Google and offers another site search, which could yield more results.

Click through to Cart

Welcome Google Searcher

The product info page shows only one product, but the link in the "Welcome Google Searcher" box does a search which yields (in this case) two products.

In order for this to work, your site (and the item you are testing) must have been indexed by Google. Type your search keyword and your product name into the search box and do a search to double-check this:

Checking Google's Index

Welcome Google Searcher

If this search doesn't yield results, you will need to wait for Google to index your site.

Major Versions

  • 1.2 09/18/2016 - Updates for 1.5.5a.
  • 1.1 09/11/2011 - Updated to replace ereg_replace, which has been deprecated. Fixed directory name of css file.
  • 1.0 11/03/2007 - First Release