First Salesforce Essentials user on the Salesforce blog

Who was it?  Why, your humble servant, of course!

Rekha Srivatsan (PM of Essentials) interviewed me on the SMB use case for Essentials.  She told me she loved my story, and as the keynote speaker for this year’s Dreamforce conference, wanted to present it.  WOW!  (What am I going to say, no?)

So we had a conversation which she summarized on the Salesforce blog.

Thanks, Rekha and the Salesforce team!

CSV Stock Update for Zen Cart

Lots of people have found my Quick Quantity Update mod to be useful – it ,allows a single item’s quantity to be changed with one click.

Some people need more power though – if you’re doing 100 updates, one-at-a-time is not an option. For those people, I created CSV Stock Update. Update a product’s quantity for as many products as you like, all from a CSV you created in Excel or with a text editor.