Minor changes to Zen Cart Better Together Admin and Combination Discounts Admin

Both these modules got tweaked yesterday after an install test – I noticed that Better Together Admin for Zen Cart did not work when run from a non-superuser account, and that there was a bug in Combination Discounts Admin for Zen Cart which was introduced in the last update (the Set Inactive button wasn’t working).

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Updates to Checkbox Cross Sell for Zen Cart

The folks at LightupUK wanted to use Checkbox Cross Sell for Zen Cart with some of the optional features which are commented out enabled, and they reported a small bug (the optional link to the product in the Better Together marketing text wasn’t working), so I have updated this module.

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How to Unfollow someone on LinkedIn

If you see a post you enjoy on LinkedIn, you might be tempted to click the Follow button to see  more posts from that person.  But what if they’re *too* chatty?

Unfollowing someone is a bit tricky, but here are the steps I use:

  • Hover over the flag on the upper right, then click their name in one of their posts.
  • Scroll down below the picture on the post and click their name again – this will bring you to their profile page.
  • Scroll to the Posts box on their profile page, and click See More.
  • Click the Unfollow button on the right hand side of that page.
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How can I set a price for a group of items in Zen Cart?

You have a couple of options here:

a) With Zen Cart Table Discounts, you can provide a final price for specific bulk quantities (quantity discounts) of certain items or groups of items.  It’s a good option if you have multiple specific price points for quantity purchases.

Example: Category 1: Buy 10 for $35; buy 20 for $50, buy 40 for $80.

b) With Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser, you can provide a final price on a package (a collection of items) where certain quantities of items should be chosen from specific categories. (This is sometimes called a kit discount.)

Example: Buy an item from each of category 1, category 2, and category 3, get them all for $20.  Choose any 5 items from category 1 or category 2 for $30.

Table Discounts and Free Gift Chooser do not actually lower the prices of the items; they create a discount so that the final price of the items is what you have configured.   So for example, here’s Free Gift Chooser (with the discount shown on the Shopping Cart page by Discount Preview):

(Table Discounts looks the same – the discount is a line item on the shopping cart page if you have Discount Preview, and a line item on the Checkout Payment page and the Checkout Confirmation Page.)

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Updates to Zen Cart Checkbox Cross Sell

Checkbox Cross Sell for Zen Cart now displays the Better Together marketing text within the cross sell block.   This allows you to display the discounts your customers will get when they buy your cross-sold items.  Here’s a screenshot; you can see the marketing text at the bottom of the image.


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Jose’s new Mobile-Friendly Zen Cart 1.5.3 Template

It’s ready!  Take a look: http://www.demos.ultimatezencart.com/0701M/

Looks good on both mobile devices and a desktop computer.

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Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser / NoChex Payment Module interoperability fix

  • If you are using Free Gift Chooser 1.3 or lower, with a payment module which has its own application_top file (such as Nochex), please move



    (The symptom you will see is that customer checkouts will fail to complete.)

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Zen Cart on Mobile Platforms

I wrote about this a couple of months back on my Zen Cart newsletter:

Two folks I work with have created templates which work well on mobile devices – take a look and see for yourself.

Here is Delia Wilson’s template (1.5.x version):


Here are Jose Carrillo’s templates:

Delia’s approach is to replicate the site under a separate directory so that two complete sites are maintained (one for mobile and one for the desktop).  Jose uses a single template which works on both mobile and desktop devices.  I recommend both of them.


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Updates to Zen Cart patch for POODLE vulnerability

Updates were posted at the end of the day yesterday; please review the latest edits to Zen Cart files for the POODLE issue.

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Patch to Zen Cart Paypal integration for POODLE vulnerability

A post has been posted to the forum for Zen Cart failures when checking out with Paypal.

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