CSS Button Fixes for Zen Cart Buy Both Now and Buy The Set

When I created Buy Both Now and Buy The Set for Zen Cart, I never took account of the possibility that templates would use the CSS buttons feature, which is available in Admin->Configuration->Layout Settings.

I have updated the help for these mods to show how they can be adopted to use CSS buttons too.  It’s easy – for Buy Both Now, just modify


and change

$bbn_string_end = '<input type="image" src="' . $button . '" alt="Buy both now" title="Buy both now" /></form>'; 


$bbn_string_end = "  " . zen_image_submit($image, "Buy Both Now") . "</form>"; 

and similarly, for Buy the Set, just modify


and change

$bts_string_end = '<input type="image" src="' . $button . '" alt="Buy the set" title="Buy the set" /></form>'; 


$bts_string_end = "  " . zen_image_submit($image, "Buy the set") . "</form>"; 

Zen Cart AutoBackup

Backups are important, but who wants to do them manually? Zen Cart AutoBackup automates the process, so you can rest easy knowing your backups are taken care of.

AutoBackup uses your hosting service’s cron facility, so it runs without any manual intervention needed.  You can set retention periods for backups so that a certain number are kept for every daily backup, every weekly backup and every monthly backup.

Shipworks and Zen Cart 1.5.5

You’ll need to make a change to


to get ShipWorks working in Zen Cart 1.5.5.  Remove their copy of the function


and replace it with

function validatePassword($plain, $encrypted)


  $zcPassword = zcPassword::getInstance(PHP_VERSION);

  return $zcPassword->validatePassword($plain, $encrypted);

 This issue has been reported to ShipWorks.

KitBuilder for Zen Cart

More options for you to sell a bundle and make a bundle! My new Kitbuilder for Zen Cart module is the latest entry in my series of Zen Cart Bundling options. KitBuilder allows you to build “kits” of related products (without attributes), which are all sold together with a single click. Kitbuilder even comes with a kit marketing plugin that allows you to show off your kits in a centerbox on your home page.