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I announce updates using the following mechanisms:
  • Extensions (commercial software) are announced in my newsletter.
  • Contributions (free software) have support threads on the Zen Cart Forum; you can look for postings from me.
  • I blog announcements and updates on my blog; these postings use category that-software-guy so you can find or filter them easily.
  • I tweet the updates on Twitter. You can also get only my Zen Cart related tweets by RSS.
  • If the update is significant, I'll write about it on my home page.
  • I update the module's help page to indicate the availability of a new version.
  • You can find me on Facebook. Fans of That Software Guy get periodic updates on my activities.
  • I have a small YouTube channel where I have put some videos on how to use my work.
  • You can follow me on GitHub.
  • You can follow me on StackOverflow.
You can subscribe to software release update notifications via RSS. (These are just blog postings with category that-software-guy.)

I collect recommendations and word of mouth buzz using a service called ShopperApproved. See That Software Guy's Reviews on ShopperApproved.


newsletter I write a small newsletter for my Zen Cart clients.
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