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Support for your Zen Cart Store

Do I need Zen Cart Support?

You're busy running your business. Why would you want to run your website too?

Hire me as your on-call Zen Cart developer and site support person. As the primary support person for your Zen Cart website, I take care of:
  • Installing Zen Cart security patches
  • Monitoring your site for downtime, and resolving outages quickly
  • Fixing errors that occur because of changes made by your hoster
  • Following up on any issues you report
  • Upgrades and mod installs on your schedule
  • Dealing with reported issues from your security scans (by SecurityMetrics or whatever service you use).

Modern websites embed third party software which can have vulnerabilities exposed on a moment's notice. Here's Google Lighthouse showing a site with old JavaScript and malformed links. Lighthouse trust and safety report
Do you know how to solve these problems? I do. And if I'm part of your team, you don't have to worry about them.

Downtime does happen on shopping carts. Are you prepared? Do you want to be searching for a contractor when your site is down?
I proactively monitor your site using automated tools so that I can quickly detect and respond to store outages.

The following are common causes of Zen Cart downtime:
  • Session table crashes
  • Who's Online table corruption
  • Changes made by your hoster
  • Software changes made by inexperienced staff

When you use me as your site support contact, I protect you from these kinds of issues.

In addition, I give each site a monthly check to ensure that there are no error logs (and when there are logs, I fix the problem).

Being on support has benefits beyond saving you time; it also saves you money, and ensures priority attention.
  • Support clients get top priority in my schedule
  • Support clients pay only for actual time used, rounded up to the quarter hour, for normal non-emergency changes coordinated by email(*). When I quote a fixed price project, it reflects my worst case estimate of the time it will take, which is generally at least twice as high as the best case time required.
  • Support clients have access to discounted rates: my rate for a block of hours is as low as $95/hr; my per hour rate for small jobs starts at $125.
  • Support clients get priority access to me: speedy attention, even on nights and weekends. No scrambling to find a qualified contractor when your site is down or has a problem.
(*) Emergency changes and telephone calls have a minimum half hour charge because they are more disruptive.

How does the process work? You decide!
  • We can do project management using a Google spreadsheet, Trello, Asana, or whatever tool you prefer to use. Some examples of Google Docs for Work tracking are shown below.
  • We can do communication by telephone, email, SMS, Skype, Google Hangouts, or whatever tool you already use.
  • We can work during the day or evenings and weekends, depending on your schedule needs.

So your next question is probably about whether or not I'm the right person to help you. Well don't take my word for it, look at the hundreds of people who say I am a Zen Cart expert. Here's just one:

If you want more information on my background, please review my About Me page.

What I do for people who want to go on support for their site(s) is I take a payment of $1000 for a block of 10 hours, and then I deduct as you need work.

Let's get started

Google Docs for Work tracking

Many smaller businesses don't use a full project management tool like Asana. For clients like this, I put requests in a Google doc so that we can both easily track the status of changes. They can be as simple or complex as you like. Here are some examples:

Client Worklist example 1

Client Worklist example 2

Client Worklist example 3

The point of this is to make it so that collaboration and prioritization is simple and effective.

Let's Get Started!

To start on support, please purchase a 10 hour block of time from my store. I will need your Zen admin, FTP and cPanel credentials. Instructions for sending credentials are below.

Please note: You MUST have Linux hosting with CPanel in order to sign up support with me. I cannot provide support for other configurations.

To send credentials, go to PrivNote.com, and enter the following information:
Zen Cart Admin URL:
Zen Cart Admin userid:
Zen Cart Admin password:

FTP Hostname:
FTP Userid:
FTP Password:
(If SFTP is used, please note port number or any other relevant details)

CPanel URL:
CPanel Userid:
CPanel Password:
Then press the "Create Note" button and send me the URL.

Existing Customers Seeking to Renew Support

Thank you for your patronage! You can buy another ten hour package, or get more for less by purchasing a 20 hour package, a $100 savings!

Zen Cart 10 Hours Support Zen Cart 20 Hours Support