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Zen Cart Shipping Surcharge

Zen Cart Shipping Surcharge

The Shipping Surcharge plugin allows you to impose an additional shipping charge globally or for a specific zone.

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Relevance: Zen Cart™ 1.5.4 and above

Current Version: 1.3 (version history)

Support Thread: Shipping Surcharge Support Thread

Cost: Free, but donation appreciated

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Installation Difficulty: Moderate

Installation Instructions: click here for installation instructions

Location: Zen Cart Plugins, under Shipping Modules

Download: Shipping Surcharge in Zen Cart Plugins


Many stores want to have a simple shipping policy, but find that shipping to particular destinations caused additional expense. If this is you, Shipping Surcharge could solve your problem.

Shipping Surcharge allows you to add a fee to the order total. The surcharge can be global or only applied when an order is being shipped to a specific zone. The fee can be a flat amount or a percentage of the subtotal, and is shown as an order total line item.

shipping surcharge

Installation Instructions:

  1. Back up everything! Try this in a test environment prior to installing it on a live shop.
  2. Copy the contents of the unzipped folder to the root directory of your shop.
  3. If you wish to limit the surcharge to a particular zone, go to Admin > Locations > Zone Definitions, and create the Zone that should be surcharged. (If you have never done this before, here are the steps for creating a new zone in Zen Cart.)
  4. Go to Admin > Modules > Order Total, select Shipping Surcharge, and press the Install button. Set the amount of the surcharge. If you are only charging the surcharge for a specific zone, set Surcharge Zone to the zone you just created.
  5. If desired, set weight and/or value thresholds for the surcharge. The surcharge will not be imposed unless the weight exceeds the weight threshold and/or the value exceeds the value threshold.

Major Versions

  • 1.3 08/11/2022 - Fix zone selection
  • 1.2 03/14/2022 - Fix issue for new installs
  • 1.1 07/01/2021 - Added weight and value thresholds
  • 1.0 04/03/2021 - First Release


Q: My shipping surcharge needs are more complicated. I want to add surcharges in cases like this:
  • when products sent by air
  • when products are drop shipped from specific suppliers
A: Shipping surcharge only adds a surcharge for specific Zones. If you need custom shipping surcharges, please see my custom shipping surcharges solutions page.

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Use Shipping Surcharge by That Software Guy.

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